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FiNdInG tHe tRuTh bEhiNd EvEryThIng !!! ;)

Name - Rahul Puniani \ (*.*)/
Date of Birth - 3.6.1994 |__|
Location - Chandigarh , India
"Proud = Vegetarian"
Love = "My Macbook" ! <3
mee, I really don't know what i am ? who i am ?... why i was born ?? , ...but yeah , there must be reason behind everything...so yeah , i hav yet to find it ...my life is been to real ups and real downs , i cud even write novel .......my mind probably works 24x7 .....i might hav lesser gUd looks but i think hav a mind to think better and to use better and to serve better...... !!! , i like to have fun as much as i can but that too only if i see others happy ,, my main motive of life is to make other's life simple and happy , prosperous coz of mee ;) ;) ;)
going to my personal life , i really got less friends , i mean i know people , they know me , thats it ,! but i got some of bff since childhood from time to time....i like listening songs....going different places, help others , make them smiling .. :)).
i luv cooking , i luv rains , i like mother nature , i just admire everything around.!

as i think of 18 yrs experience of life , things just come and go , life gives us situations to handle to what we get tensed or so...but in all , life is goood indeed...my life is really not so happening , but still i say that cos atleast we are very lucky of our own....!
so just say life is awesome , whether its not though but by saying it u challenge ur subconscious , and that makes a difference which cud actually make ur life happy ..just try ! .....everything is beautiful anyway , even bad people , bullies around us , as if they wer not there , how cud we become more courageous to face them.....if u read this all , u may know i really talk a lot and i really connect things all up...so yeah , CONCLUSION , just rock in evrythin *(even if u don't hav that much courage)
..............coz...as i say.....